Monday, 16 April 2012

Stop f*cken yelling at me!

It is finally here!!!! The blog you all have been waiting for. i know some of you are probably like: "Wtf is this b*tch talkin bout? We didn't ask for no damn blog". 

If you are one of those select few that happened to stumble upon me, you better pull up a chair, sit yo ass down, stfu & just read!!

If you are one of those who were bugging me bout blogging my rants, you better subscribe, i know where most of yal live & (no jokes) i have mafia connections. I know that my facebook friends ( & fake friends) will be rejoicing in the streets now that most of my ranting will now happen on here and away from facebook. Unfortunately my tweeps, twiends & Twit Familia, the ranting does not end.... *shrugs*. 

So since this is my first blog, i decided to not start it off by f*cken yelling like a crazy person (Until i have been professionally diagnosed, i disagree with everyone that says i could rock a strait jacket), BUT, be warned, next blog i wont be as accomodating. i shall then revert back to what i do best.... (No, not being cute, that sh*t just comes naturally).... 

Let tha crazee continue!!

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