Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Road to Munich!

After many many days & month & decades of listening to people belittle Chelsea (especially Manchester united fans), i've f*cken had enough!

Being the True Blue lady that i am, it really grinds me the wrong way, (no, that is not an innuendo), when people keep complaining bout how much we suck. Sure we're not always in top form but we're a top flight team.

And yes, our squad may have a few aging players but those so-called "Oldies" have done what Arsenal, Man. City & even Mansh*tster have failed to do.... They have defeated the greatest team im the world!

Now i got double standard cause i actually love Baca but, everybody (even if yu dunno me) knows that Cfc is my life! There was never any doubt last night as to where my loyalties lie. So sad for Uefalona (Lol, pun on 'Barcelona' & "uefa") their trip to Munich has takin a trip through a field, into a forest & deep into a mud pool. 

Even if we get crushed by Madrid in Munich, we've gotten further than anyone coulda ever predicted so i proudly say "BLUE RUNS THROUGH MY BLOOD"!!


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