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Monday, 23 April 2012

Johannesburg issue?

So internet's been a little b*tch, but i'm back now!! The ranting shall continue.... 

Its hella cold today but its not snowing or nothing, it rained a bit but that stopped ages ago. 
I just seen some dumb b*tch in knee-high boots,jeans, thick coat, beanie, scarf & gloves.....Drinking out of a thermal mug, I'm guessing its coffee or another hot beverage - judging by the amount of steam). I'm sorry, but when did we move to the middle of the Artic?

Thats the thing about Joburgers,we see a bit of sunshine we think we're on jersey Shore. We see a bit of rain we're instantly transported to the middle of the Artic.

I guess every city has its own issues. The Johannesburg issue is: People don't know how to f*cken dress!!

 I was crazy back when being crazy really meant something



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