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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Look at me.... I'm a f*cken escort!!

Oh how i loathe attention seekers!!

This is not a hater blog, i am not a hater.
But  people  that spend hours everyday constructing themselves in such a way that they get oodles of attention & then they wanna cry foul when they get said attention, [because they're walking round the mall in a bikini top & a tube top-worn as a skirt],  that really pisses me off. I'm sorry, i thought this was Johannesburg not Jersey Shore. 

So unless you plan on spending the next 6 hours driving to the nearest beach.... You really have no business showing us your 'business' in the mall & then getting all butthurt when you attract the wrong kind of attention. 

You live in JOHANNESBURG!! You are in the middle of the continent, not on the beach front. 
Cover up your hanging titties, put on some decent clothes, fix your drag queen make-up & i PROMISE people will stop thinking you are an escort! 

 Did that offend you?

Idgaf!! Cause it's the truth

Don't let people drive you crazy when you know it's in walking distance

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  1. Funniest shit i've read in a while